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How Will Your Business Protect Its Data In New Age of Security Threats?

March 17, 2016


  • Proving that no company is immune to security threats, a hack of the US Office of Personnel Management exposed the personal information of millions of government employees. This breach impacted thousands of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) employees.
  • Perhaps the world’s most notable brand, Coca-Cola, admitted falling prey to bizarre slow-motion data breach in which an employee stole dozens of laptops over several years containing the sensitive data of 74,000 people — without anyone noticing.
  • Then there was the infamous healthcare security breach that hit Washington, where a former employee gained unauthorized access to several hospitals. Three Washington hospitals were faced with reinforcing their systems after a healthcare security breach led to the theft of 35 computers and 34 scanners containing sensitive information.

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