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How Do Federal AgenciesUse Data Centers to Solve Key Issues? 

April 22, 2016

How Do Federal Agencies Use Data Centers to Solve Key Issues? 

With the recent White House order of a federal data center construction freeze, government agencies are now forced to do even more with less, including complying with growing regulation and accountability. The new Data Center Optimization Initiative mandates stricter goals and rules meant to reduce the government’s sprawling data center inventory and the money it takes to maintain it.

All too often, IT leaders find themselves constrained by legacy in-house data centers and connectivity options that fail to deliver required reliability and uptime, while meeting the mission’s budget.

Successful government agencies employ enterprise data center services to ensure mission-critical IT needs are met:

Colocation – supports and scales critical IT infrastructure

  • Deliver uptime for constant access to data and applications
  • Help meet federal compliance standards and ongoing mandates
  • Lower capital and operating expenses
  • Support the growth explosion of sensitive government data

Security – ensure safety of data and applications

  • 24×7 year-round intrusion detection and instant response
  • Agency reporting to support required compliance standards

Disaster Recovery – provide critical redundancy of IT operations

  • Support Continuity of Operations (COOP,) Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery using Active/Active or Active/Passive data center configurations
  • Provide uninterrupted access to data
  • Improve Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

Networking – deliver low cost alternatives for improved performance

  • Enhance applications and traffic visibility
  • Maintain confidentiality and meet compliance needs
  • Protect against unauthorized access