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March 17, 2016

The Megaport Connection

Through CyrusOne’s alliance with Megaport Ltd., CyrusOne Data Centers can deliver flexible, cloud-connectivity services seamlessly and immediately through a single port.

Leveraging the CyrusOne National Internet Exchange (IX) platform as an on ramp to Megaport’s fabric, via a 1G or 10G interface, provides CyrusOne customers access to top cloud resources, network operators, and content services.

Increased Flexibility – Elastic Connectivity

Megaport’s elastic connectivity delivers the flexibility to vary connectivity requirements based upon actual demand. CyrusOne customers can order, scale, and control services on the fly. That flexibility, elastic connectivity, becomes a cost-effective solution for data migration.

CyrusOne cloud connectivity services enables:

  • Bursting into a public cloud when the demand spikes
  • Deploying new services without deploying new hardware
  • Integrating multi-cloud hosting to avoid data loss or downtime
  • Backing up data between two core facilities
  • Reaching a multitude of providers
  • Reducing operating costs through buying what’s needed
  • Avoiding capital expenditures to build or upgrade in-house

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