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Financial Times Features Three CyrusOne Leaders on Sustainability and Labor

February 10, 2022

Perhaps there’s no greater affirmation or confirmation of expertise than being looked to as an industry leader and go-to source for respected media publications.

Recently, Financial Times tapped three CyrusOne business leaders and subject matter experts to talk about a variety of  part of its Partnered Content series. The London-based publication is one of the world’s leading business news organizations, recognized internationally for its authority, integrity and accuracy.

Its journalists wrote three articles on our behalf to promote and raise awareness of CyrusOne’s sustainability efforts among key audiences, including C-suites and IT decision-makers. Each article addresses a different topic, while intentionally reinforcing how the data center industry puts sustainability front and center and how sustainability is mission-critical priority for CyrusOne.

In “Securing a Greener Future for the Internet,” CyrusOne Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Europe Matt Pullen detailed the ways the data center industry have prioritized sustainability to cut their carbon footprints even as demand for connectivity continues to grow exponentially.

“As the world continues to move through and eventually recover from the pandemic, staying committed to building sustainable data centers and keeping the future in mind will require determination and innovation, especially as there will likely be many obstacles to navigate in the here and now,” he told FT.

He also emphasized CyrusOne’s determination and focus on sustainability issues today and in the future.

“Whether through implementation of renewable resources, sustainable design, or operational excellence, we are doing everything we can to drive efficiency and consistency,” he said. “The industry is constantly innovating and developing new technologies to improve sustainability. Invention, research and creating opportunities is a constant focus, and we will keep investing in energy efficiency. We are not done yet.

In “Building a sustainable future for data centres,” CyrusOne European Engineering Director Stuart Gray discussed CyrusOne’s efforts to build facilities that can meet sustainability needs today and tomorrow.

“Our design philosophy hasn’t changed for many years, as we’ve always built using the most up-to-date energy-efficient equipment,” he said in the article. “We use 100 percent renewable energy across our whole European portfolio and we’ve been recording water usage in our facilities to the best of our current abilities for a number of years.”

He also reinforced CyrusOne and the data center industry as a whole understand their responsibility and impact in the sustainability arena and have adopted the latest in tech and renewable energy as an example for other industries to emulate.

“We’re not just ticking boxes,” he says. “I would say most of the larger organizations in the industry are doing this and doing it in the right way.”

And finally, in FT article “Nurturing data industry talent fit for a carbon-neutral world,” CyrusOne Senior Director of European Operations Steve Hayward tackled the issues surrounding the data center sector’s labor gap and the impact it could have on the digital future.

“As a sector, we simply can’t support ourselves,” he warned. “Two years ago, if you had a vacancy, you’d have a good handful of very comparable CVs and you’d be able to make reasoned choices, but we see a lot fewer applicants now because the talent isn’t available. It’s scary to think of where we’ll be in two or three years’ time because we’ve outgrown the talent pool, and if we don’t get over it we’re going to have some real problems.”

The article also reported on Hayward’s help in a partnership between CyrusOne, the University Technical College Heathrow (UTC Heathrow) and techUK to create the first Data Center UTC in the UK as part of the recently launched Digital Futures Program. The group aim to increase the number of students with diverse STEM skills to meet the data center industry’s technical needs for domestic talent in the U.K., raise awareness and position the sector as a career destination of choice.

Getting youth interested is key to the future of the industry, Hayward told FT.

“The next big idea will come from the new, younger generation,” he said. “Likely, it will be a young, sharp mind who has a different way of looking at things – most notably a unique perspective on sustainability efforts.”

Congratulations to the three for being featured in FT and representing us well.