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CyrusOne says, ‘BYOD’ Model Opens Businesses to Unnecessary Risks

December 13, 2016

December 13, 2016

Learn about the pros and cons of employees using their own devices for work.

The “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) model, where employees are using their personal tablets, computers, and smartphones for work, is becoming more commonplace in the new digital age.

This increased use of personal devices offers exceptional value for employers including reduced IT costs, improved productivity, increased employee satisfaction, and increased flexibility. By incorporating a BYOD model into the business plan, companies are helping blur the line between professional and personal time, and helping their businesses stay up-to-date on the latest technology trends.

However, these advantages come with a price -– increased cyber security risk.

Security concerns that accompany the BYOD model include malware due to outdated operating systems, connection hijacking through unsecured networks, phishing and SMiShing (short message service phishing) gained by access to sensitive information and device theft. Taking measures to prevent and manage these threats is instrumental to protecting enterprise data.


What are the Top Priorities with BYOD | Reviewing Policies and Procedures

A top priority in making sure your company is prepared involves employee education, as well as ensuring you have additional robust technology that adds an extra layer of security to personal electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

As more enterprise businesses turn to the BYOD model, employee education will strengthen the security of integral data and pathways. With the constant advances and changes in technology, all companies must be aware of the risks they face and enterprise employees must be aware of the immediate precautions required to keep technology safe, especially when using individual devices in an enterprise setting. Ensuring customer teams are practicing protected security measures is essential to avoiding cyber security breaches and defending all confidential information.

Data center providers like CyrusOne lead the charge in providing advanced security solutions for enterprise customers. By putting industry-leading security standards in place to mitigate corporate risk, CyrusOne is able to deliver peace of mind for its clients. In addition to encouraging customers to educate employees on the proper procedures necessary to protect security with BYOD, CyrusOne’s own IT personnel participate in information security forums and conferences in order to stay abreast of emerging threats.


Reviewing Policies and Procedures

CyrusOne also reviews internal policies and procedures every year to ensure that the company and its employees are working in the most secure fashion possible.

Finally, with this changing environment in which users are introducing new devices and application demands on a regular basis, CyrusOne encourages businesses to develop a flexible and scalable data center setup that can keep up with the challenges created by BYOD.

CyrusOne’s colocation services can help companies keep up with the demand by offering them access to sophisticated data center systems that can be highly customized, are able to scale to shifting demands and offer access to robust interconnected solutions that optimize network performance.

To learn more about the risks associated with BYOD models and how to combat them, download CyrusOne’s latest executive report here.

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