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CyrusOne releases 2022 Sustainability Report, affirms commitment to transparency

May 12, 2022

In a world of relentless change in the technology, social justice and climate arenas – and internally as a company – we are proud to publish our third annual sustainability report. In it, we detail fully all our efforts, achievements and remaining ESG work.

Transparency and resilience are at the heart of CyrusOne’s sustainability practices. As a newly private company with the backing of partners KKR and GIP, we remain as firmly committed as any publicly traded company to full disclosure about our impact on the world. Our commitment and transparency are evidenced by our sustainability report’s compatibility with four third-party standards: Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards, The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures, the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board and Sustainable Development Goals Alignment.

In our new report, we are particularly gratified to call out how we:

Met the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact Early: As of June 2021, CyrusOne’s European facilities met their 2030 carbon reduction commitments to the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact eight years early, achieving 100% renewable electricity and offsetting the small amount of diesel used for backup generation.
Expanded Renewable Electricity Procurement: 2021 saw a seven-fold increase over 2020 in CyrusOne’s total megawatt hours of renewable electricity purchased, all without the use of national unbundled RECs. We also signed contracts for future delivery of an additional 107 megawatt hours/year in renewable power.
Expanded our Net Positive Water Commitment: In 2021, CyrusOne achieved net positive water status at its growing data center in Allen, Texas – the third data center in its net positive water portfolio. This began with water-free cooling at the facility and continued with restoring water using BEF Water Restoration Certificates® to exceed the remaining consumption, providing benefits to regional wildlife and the local community.
Pushed the Boundaries of Water Disclosure: The 2022 report again promotes increased water disclosure in the data center industry by not only sharing onsite Water Usage Effectiveness data, but also providing estimates of electricity supply chain water consumption that challenge the industry’s conventional wisdom that evaporating water onsite saves total water consumption.
Expanded Enterprise Risk Management: The latest report provides industry-leading transparency into CyrusOne’s Enterprise Risk Management process, including details on the company’s approach to data protection, information security, business continuity and climate risk assessment.
Acted on Diversity & Inclusion: In 2021, CyrusOne joined the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge, providing the company with an enhanced framework to engage with stakeholders on DEI issues and an opportunity to bring third-party expertise and additional resources to existing DEI efforts.

The 110-page publication covers corporate governance, environmental impact and social responsibility. You’ll find exhaustive reporting, charts, graphics, statistics, numbers, methodology and highlight stories that confirm our successes and reveal areas where we plan to improve.

But we couldn’t hit our current and future sustainability goals without the hard work and passion of our people, who exemplify our motto of One company, one team, one purpose. So, this year’s report is also peppered with vignettes about some of the talented people who lead our sustainability charge.

We hope you’ll spend some time getting to know them and CyrusOne better, as we continue with a focus on resilience that never waivers from a deep commitment to sustainability while ensuring our data centers keep the ever-evolving and ever-challenging world connected.

Read the full report here.