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CyrusOne Connects Episode 2: The Sustainability Imperative – Will Fusion Power Save the Data Center

February 21, 2023

The Sustainability Imperative: Will Fusion Power Save the Data Center

In the second episode of CyrusOne Connects, Matt Pullen is joined by Tom Kingham, Director, Engineering Solutions at CyrusOne, and David Kingham, Executive Vice Chairman and co-founder at Tokamak Energy, to discuss how data centers are harnessing fusion and what efforts are being made to build a more sustainable future.

The father-son duo is exceptional at digesting a complicated landscape during their discussion in episode two. Beyond the essential needs that data center giants must fulfill, it is vital that they maximize their efforts toward achieving a sustainable future and elevate their resources towards fighting these issues that impact the world.

Dr. Kingham is one of the industry’s leading experts on fusion power and continues to position his company at the forefront of the rapid innovation that fusion power is experiencing. In this episode, Dr. Kingham touches on the material impact that fusion power might have on decarbonizing the grid, the future of hydrogen and if it can be utilized in a way that is not a danger to people, and more.

Tom Kingham is an exceptional and well-respected leader at CyrusOne as the Director of Engineering Solutions for the company. During a thought-provoking conversation with podcast host Matt Pullen, Kingham provides exclusive information on the future of fusion energy, the issues that can arise when transporting and storing largely scaled amounts of hydrogen, and more.


  • What is fusion power and how might that have a material impact on decarbonizing the grid?
  • Is there a future where hydrogen can be harnessed, stored, and delivered in a way that is not a danger to people?
  • Will fusion eventually replace other energy sources over the next 10- to 15-year period?
  • What kinds of issues arise when transporting and storing hydrogen on site, particularly at the scale required for data centers?



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