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CyrusOne Adds Solar and Wind Energy in North Texas

May 3, 2022

CyrusOne has expanded its commitment to 100% renewable energy in Texas with the purchase of solar and wind power delivered to the electricity grid, helping solidify our pursuit to be a leader in renewable energy solutions in the Lone Star State.

This purchase marks our third renewable energy project since 2020. It will help power our North Texas data centers, including Carrolton, Allen and Lewisville, using renewable solar and wind energy and will reduce overall power prices by leveraging the complimentary production profiles of solar and wind generation, as well as spot-market purchases. The eight-year contracts will also hedge against recent and future price uncertainty commonly seen with fluctuating natural gas prices.

It further includes a solar offtake of 30 MW (~75,000 MWh) beginning June 2023 and wind offtake comprising 10 MW (~33,000 MWh) beginning November 2022. This means renewable power sources will supply approximately the equivalent of 85% of CyrusOne’s ERCOT deregulated load in North Texas, while we seek to use renewable energy certificates to serve other Texas markets.

Additionally, the purchase is another important step in our transition to 100% sustainable power through deregulated markets.

“We are actively pursuing renewable energy projects in multiple markets, future-proofing our energy supply contracts to let us include Renewable Power Purchase Agreements as we continue to grow,” said Todd Masters, CyrusOne director of power and energy. “Our scale allows us to be the lead off-taker on many of the renewable energy projects we are evaluating. And we are building our strategy to make renewable energy available to all our customers while we move toward our 100% carbon-free goals.”

Our recent sustainability milestones include:
• We run on 100% renewable energy in Europe
• We achieved 100% renewable power at our Dallas headquarters and added the site to our existing net water positive building portfolio.
• We co-founded the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact in 2021, which includes 25 companies and 17 associations with a goal of making European data centers climate-neutral by 2030.
• We have the world’s first (and second, third) net water positive data center campuses in Phoenix-Chandler, Dallas-Carrollton and Dallas-Allen.
• At the April 25 DataCloud Global Congress in Monaco, we won the Data Center Sustainable Construction award for 2022 for our project in Dublin.

And there’s more. Read about all our sustainability progress in our new 2022 Sustainability Report, which provides deeper insight into our efforts to conserve water and energy through creative data center design.