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Customized Content Delivered with Reduced Cost

July 21, 2016

The new GPS-enabled mobile games bringing our cities to life are the most recent example of how innovative the hyper-competitive media and entertainment industry has become.

To continue to thrive, new and efficient approaches to content development, distribution, operations, technology and monetization will continue to be the order of the day – and on an increasingly global scale.

Yet many media and entertainment companies do not have the cost-effective, scalable and reliable infrastructure in place to deliver rich content at the speed, latency and security that end-users expect and require.

Leverage CyrusOne to Ensure Connectivity

Enterprises looking to connect to cloud services like Microsoft Azure should consider CyrusOne National IX and ExpressRoute connectivity. Cloud services like Microsoft Azure can help deliver customized multi-channel, multi-screen experiences with reduced cost structures and superior ROI besides faster speed to market and ability to ramp-up or down based on customer demand.

Microsoft ExpressRoute connections offer greater privacy, security and reliability than typical connections through the internet and are now available from CyrusOne.