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Consider the Risks

October 27, 2016

On average, it takes just 82 seconds before a phishing campaign gets its first click; 23% of phishing recipient’s open messages and 11% open attachments, releasing malware and viruses or allowing hackers into the system to rob companies blind.

CyrusOne’s report examines six vulnerabilities in enterprise security, along with measures to protect it.

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Are Your Own Employees Putting Your Business at Risk?

CyrusOne’s CIO Survey Campaign Results  

78% of our audience agreed that while companies invest millions of dollars in state-of-the-art security measures to protect their financial and intellectual assets, they typically overlook the biggest risk of all: their employees.

Thank you for participating in our security survey. Please look for our next campaign poll discussing disaster recovery next month.

Data Center Security Equals Peace of Mind

While many IT departments now have encryption that helps to protect even data, minor things like keeping doors, cabinets, and drawers where sensitive information is being held locked can go a long way toward preventing data breaches caused by malicious employees or criminals.

The benefits of solutions like colocation services provided by a trusted data center provider can add additional layers of security for any company, and considering a BYOD device management strategy should be part of the solution.

Read CyrusOne’s recent report, The Top Four BYOD Security Risks and How Enterprise Firms Combat Them.