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Better Cloud Connection with Elastic Interconnection

July 28, 2016

CIOs at fast-growing and dynamic enterprises are frantically trying to keep pace with business demands, as email, enterprise apps and offsite storage are increasingly moving to cloud.
As more companies migrate data and applications to the cloud, connectivity to and from cloud is very critical.

Traditional connections require long-term contracts, fees and may or may not be secure. This may slow down user experience, and in turn, business growth.

The CyrusOne National IX platform is an on-ramp to cloud service providers, such as AWS and Microsoft Azure, through an elastic interconnection with Megaport. Elastic interconnection eliminates the speed, usage and cost issues associated with traditional internet connections, to deliver:

  • Right-size bandwidth in a few clicks
  • One touchpoint for network to multiple cloud services
  • Ability to instantly dial connectivity up or down
  • Connectivity management access from any device, anywhere

Download this brochure to learn more about simplifying interconnection with elastic connectivity to maximize the cloud.