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10 ways we CAREEE-D in 2021

June 2, 2022

No, it’s not a typo you’re seeing. There really are three “E”s in CAREEE. That’s because each letter in CAREEE represents a very important CyrusOne value: Community, Agility, Respect, Enjoyable Workplace, Ethics, and Exceptional Service. At CyrusOne, we live by our CAREEE core values, which improve the lives and wellbeing of our stakeholders, shareholders, communities, and teammates.

Take a look through our most recent Sustainability Report, which details our commitment to making a positive impact on our business, society, and the environment in 2021, and you’ll see our CAREEE values demonstrated throughout. But if you’re looking for a few highlights, here are ten of the ways we brought our CAREEE core values to life in 2021.


  1. We committed to building resilient communities. We’ve always had a strong commitment to giving back to the communities where we live and work. But in 2021, we undertook an effort to develop a more comprehensive community investment strategy focused on building more resilient communities. Our efforts going forward will touch on three key areas: Building a resilient workforce, resilient community networks, and resilient ecological networks.
  2. We supported pollinator habitats. Bees and butterflies are important members of our ecological communities. We continued our support of the Orchards in the Community program through Host in Ireland DCs for Bees, uniting with 49 organizations from the Irish data center community to fund and plant more than 1,000 orchards across Ireland–including one on-site at our Dublin, Grange castle data center. Orchards provide habitat for pollinators and many other plants and animals. Not to mention that local communities get to enjoy the orchards’ green space, shade, and delicious fruit.



  1. We planned for the unpredictable. In February 2021, while more than five million people were without power over three days in the State of Texas due to Winter Storm Uri, CyrusOne was able to keep operations up and running at our impacted facilities, due to our advance freeze preparedness. Our business continuity planning helps CyrusOne prepare for events just like this, making sure our customers receive reliable service and our employees and partners stay safe and secure, even under the most trying conditions.



  1. We upped our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). CyrusOne is committed to a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer where everyone can be the best version of themselves. We recognize that our differences help us become a better and stronger company. Our inclusive culture employers all of us to connect, belong, and grow. That’s why this year, CyrusOne joined the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion The pledge calls upon participating organizations to drive measurable action and meaningful change to advance DEI in the workplace. Our pledge builds upon work led by our employee-led CAREEE Group to raise awareness and organize monthly discussions about DEI topics such as racial injustice, microaggressions, and women in the workplace as well as celebrate events such as Martin Luther King Day, Chinese New Year, Cinco de Mayo, and Veterans Day.
  2. We added Juneteenth as a holiday. Juneteenth—celebrated each year on June 19—commemorates the emancipation of the last remaining enslaved people in Galveston, Texas (more than two years after the Emancipation Proclamation). It is a day of rest and reflection, and an opportunity for the African American community to celebrate their heritage. In 2021, we added Juneteenth as a holiday, giving all our CyrusOne teammates time off to honor the occasion.


Enjoyable Workplace

  1. We kept our teammates safe. A safe and healthy work environment is the foundation of creating an enjoyable place to work, and we take a lot of pride in our world-class safety program and performance. In fact, in 2021 we celebrated reaching a major milestone: one million consecutive hours worked by CyrusOne teammates without sustaining a lost time injury.
  2. We made our landscaping more sustainable. When Winter Storm Uri damaged the landscaping at our Carrollton data center beyond repair, we took the opportunity to re-landscape with native and climate-adapted plant species that are friendly to birds, bees, and other wildlife, and with features that help conserve water and avoid unnecessary chemical use.



  1. We updated our Vendor Code of Conduct. To reinforce our commitment to ethical business practices, we employ a Vendor Code of Conduct to share our standards with our business partners and facilitate ethical and professional relationships. In 2021, we updated our Vendor Code of Conduct and used the Code in 100% of new vendor selection processes.


Exceptional Service

  1. We asked our customers for feedback. The experience of our customers is at the center of everything we do, and one of the foundations of our approach is listening to and acting on client feedback. In 2021, we conducted a comprehensive survey of our customer portfolio, inviting more than 2,300 individuals to provide feedback everything from billing and invoicing to facility operations.
  2. We boosted the physical security of our data centers. The protection of our facilities and physical assets is essential to maintain the trust and confidence of our customers. In 2021, we took significant steps to ensure consistency in our physical security standards across our facilities in the US and Europe. In addition, we upgraded our Global Security Platform at almost all our facilities, with plans to complete the remaining upgrades in 2022.