Environmental, Social, and Governance Information for Investors

At CyrusOne, we are guided by the principle to do what’s right.  Along with the increased emphasis on data center capabilities, we are also recognizing a heightened responsibility of our industries to our collective families and communities and to the planet itself.  We pride ourselves in our core values – community, agility, respect, enjoyable workplace, ethics and exceptional service which includes how we manage and monitor the environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) impacts we generate, which are linked below.

Woman riding a bike with trees in the city.

Our Mission

At CyrusOne, we believe our sustainability mission stands on three pillars:

  • Responsibility to the environment – We are committed to leading our industry in the conservation of critical resources, such as water and energy, through creative data center design, implementation and programmatic inclusion of renewable resources.
  • Responsibility to the community – We are committed to building a diverse and empowered workforce that includes people from different backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures, as well as supporting fair labor practices and locally-based philanthropic initiatives.
  • Responsibility to our stakeholders – We are committed to the highest standards of character and integrity that ensure our internal practices and incentives align with the goals and objectives of our shareholders and critical stakeholders.