Environmental Sustainability

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At CyrusOne, we often tout the streamlined engineering elements and methods of our Massively Modular® data centers. However, we also recognize that building and operating data centers leads to a concentration of environmental impacts. Being a leader in this industry means embracing our responsibility for reducing those impacts.

We see our sustainability mission in three parts:

  • We build data centers that are compatible with a sustainable future.  We can’t just build a data center to meet today’s challenges, we need to build it with the future in mind. LEARN MORE
  • We are committed to conserving water and energy through the effective design, maintenance, and operation of our facilities. LEARN MORE
  • We aspire to be strategic partners for sustainability with our customers to move their goals forward. Our customers have some of the most ambitious sustainability goals of any industry, so the best thing we can do for the environment is to help them succeed. LEARN MORE