Cyrus One Values

Lower Expenses, Reduce Risk, and Scale as Needed

CyrusOne takes pride in helping customers lower short and long term capital and operating costs by designing customized data center solutions tailored to a company’s current and future IT needs.
In return, customers can reallocate precious IT resources back to driving innovation and growth for their core business.

Lower Expenses

Lower capital and operating expenditures (building, staffing, infrastructure, maintenance costs) by outsourcing to CyrusOne and receive top-tier data center space and a flexible colocation agreement that scales as your business grows.

Building energy efficient data centers that provide flexibility for additional power requirements is CyrusOne’s core competency.

CyrusOne’s Massively Modular® design methodology drives down operating costs for customers by building at a significantly large scale and therefore captures efficiencies in power generation, cooling, operations, and staffing.

Such efficiencies can help control cost in a way typically not possible with in-house data centers.

Reduce Risk

By using fully redundant systems for power, cooling, and connectivity, CyrusOne facilities are an ideal location for your production server environments.

Various levels of power redundancy (2N, N, or both) can be delivered into your data center environment based on the criticality of the application.

Disaster recovery and business continuity plans can also be established through various data center solutions provided at CyrusOne.

Scale As You Grow

Technology updates, business growth, and changing regulations can make it difficult to plan future IT infrastructure needs.

Your data center solutions should be flexible and scalable to meet these ongoing changes. CyrusOne can help you overcome current and future capacity constraints.

Respond to technology updates – obtain proven, innovative technologies and flexible colocation solutions that scale as your business grows
Meet business growth – expand your footprint easily within one facility or across several data centers and connect them using the low-cost CyrusOne National IX
Comply with new regulations – relax knowing CyrusOne data centers have obtained many critical certifications and audits including: SSAE16, TIA 942 Top Tier, ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FISMA.